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committed to the development and supply of emergent technologies

British Anzani is a vehicle design, development and manufacture company serving companies working in the vehicle and accessories world.

Since 1907, our brand has had a reputation for keen-edged performance and reliability, “Setting the Pace and Providing the Power” behind today’s world-class vehicles.

Our company provides both our own original British Anzani products and sources the best quality proprietary items for producing luxury goods for prestige brands.

Our extensive experience in the superyacht, and niche product market, gives us a leading edge in recognizing quality and providing only the best for our discerning customers.

Looking for design sourcing and product manufacturing in Asia?

Our product management services also cover assisting companies who need a smooth entry into Asia. Click here for more details about these services.

Our team looks forward to providing personalized service for all your design, development and manufacturing needs.
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