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1907 - Founded by Alessandro Anzani

1909 - Anzani engine first to cross English Channel

1912 - New factory opens in London

1914 - Commisioned to create military engines during WWI

1939 - Development on stationary industrial engine for landing crafts



The British Anzani Company was founded in Paris in 1907 by Alessandro Anzani, whose first engine design was used in a motorcycle that won the world championship in 1906. In 1909, another Anzani engine powered the aircraft that became the first to cross the English Channel.

British Anzani soon became famous for its high performance powertrains, and demand became so great that a factory was built in Willesden, London, in 1912. With its reputation for reliability and power, Anzani engines were chosen for vehicle use during the Great War.

More talented designers were brought on board, including a Rolls Royce designer, and the line expanded to include motorcycles, sports cars, aircrafts, and boats. During WWII, Anzani engines were used for landing craft. In the years that followed, Anzani continued to expand its line to include applications for tractors, lawnmowers, and light cars.

Throughout Anzani’s history, numerous models have been produced, some of which have been the most successful racing engines built. Today, the Anzani brand continues with its reputation of excellence by providing high quality, low volume products and sourcing other well recognized brands. Services have expanded to include design, development and manufacture, both locally and in Asia.

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