As you’ve probably gathered by now, British Anzani is all about quality – whether it’s our own products or other brands – we are pleased to offer you the following:

British Anzani UK Yamaha Products

Anzani Powertrains for Yamaha Products

You can rely on quality and innovation with Yamaha. We provide electric outboards using Yamaha compatible products, as well as electric bicycles using Yamaha motors.
British Anzani UK Morgan Marque

Anzani Performance for Morgan Marque

Morgan is known for quality engineering, quality finish and a little extra to refinement. We are putting together a clubman version of the Morgan M3W using Yamaha parts. We also provide power train and body modifications. You can expect quality and longevity from these products.
British Anzani UK Daihatsu Cars

Anzani Refinement for Daihatsu Cars

We provide performance and race parts for Daihatsu cars.
British Anzani UK Frames and Power Trains

Anzani Performance Frames and Power Trains

Offering multi-brand performance and race parts for all types of vehicles. Carbon fibre materials and aftermarket products, that add power to your vehicles.
British Anzani Product Development and Brand Management – Asia

Product Development and Brand Management – Asia

Helping you make a smooth transition into the Asian market. We provide services such as protecting your intellectual property (IP), officially setting up your company in China, sourcing and/or manufacturing your products, and commercializing your western product for the Chinese market. For more information, click here.
British Anzani Luxury Products for Prestige Brands

Luxury Products for Prestige Brands

Looking for exclusive and attractive luxury products? At British Anzani, we carry many prestige items such as silk lined suitcases, silk clothing and baroque pearls. Check regularly for new items.