Providing Trusted and Efficient Manufacturing Services

One of the greatest assets of Anzani-Asia is our connection to the British Anzani brand and its reputation for quality, transparency and reliability. From the beginning, our aim has been to outperform the competition and we’ve continued to surpass ourselves – and our customer’s expectations - with keen-edged performing products and reliable customer service for over 100 years.

We are dedicated to being responsible, conscientious and safe in our business practices, helping you avoid risk and ensuring a smooth entry into the Asian market.

We take a personalized approach, always accommodating our clients, and with our western business ethics, you can trust we will ensure a fair deal.

We help set you up legally in China, protect your intellectual property (IP) and assets, helping you either buy or sell in China.

A Responsible Company

You are probably familiar with some of the challenges of conducting business in the China market. Everything from communication barriers, legalities, political and cultural differences and the fine balancing act of “guanxi”. As a western based company with western business ethics, you can put your trust in us to make a smooth the path for you, including handling quality control, progress updates and ensuring there are no unwanted surprises throughout the design and manufacturing process.

With our trusted sources and business associates based in China, as well has first-hand experience working in this market, you can count on us to make this process hassle free.