The British Anzani brand has been around for over 100 years, creating products that surpassed the competition from the very beginning. British Anzani became famous for its powerful and reliable engines, which were chosen for aircraft use during the Great War. Then, during WWII, British Anzani outboards were used in landing craft.

Over the years British Anzani has expanded its range to include products for vehicles of land, sea, and air. And now through Anzani-Asia we also supply luxury products, like silk and pearls to prominent brands.

Sourcing, Assembly, Manufacturing, Supply and Entry into the Chinese Market

At Anzani-Asia, we provide design, prototype, production-ready and manufacture services for clients wishing to benefit from the lucrative Asian Market. We make the path easier for you by navigating the difficult entry, handling any potential challenges for you, and ensuring a smooth process.

Simply explain your wants and criteria for your product and we will act as your agent and on-site representative, choosing and viewing the most suitable factory and carrying out quality control checks along the way.

If you have a drawing already, and examples ready, we will bring your vision to completion. We source all the necessary materials, help you export to China and commercialize it for you.